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Are You Ready?

Source: Nasa Johnson


Playing. Thinking. Learning.

At Immergency, we create immersive games and spaces designated to learning and innovating for the climate - with the excuse of having a fun time. Immergency started in February 2020 and is now focused on developing a small online prototype of an actual physical escape room game that will take shape later this year. Tests are run 2-3 times a week. Players of the game are told they have been selected by the United Nations to be part of a workforce to solve the global climate issue, but need to train in a simulator first and prove they are ready for the challenge. In this simulator, they will first learn about the current status of the planet then will move on to implementing solutions. With limited time, and the temperature increasing, working as a team is crucial and the challenge is assured!


Fun for All

Collaborate with your team and use your analytical skills to solve puzzles, riddles and ultimately, escape the room. Through working together, this activity can be a perfect icebreaker or a great idea for getting to know your friends, family or friends better!

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